Why Your Watch Needs to Be Serviced Regularly

Watch Maintenance

A lot of people compare a high-performance timepiece to a high-performance sports car.

They both require regular servicing by professionals who understand the incredibly intricate workings in order to maintain their peak performance levels.

Watch servicing is all about precision and constant attention to detail on a regular basis.

How regular?

Well, that depends on a number of variables.

Why Is It Important?

It is true that regular watch maintenance services will require an investment on your part, but it is usually much less than the cost of major repairs. Here are just a few reasons why regular servicing is so important.

  • Prevent unnecessary friction and wear.
  • Minimize replacement costs if parts begin to rust or wear out.
  • Some warrantees or guarantees may require you to service the timepiece.
  • You can get branded replacement parts while they are still available.
  • If the oils dry out, the constant friction can damage important components.
  • More complicated watches can have a higher risk of damage if the oils ever dry out.

How Often Should You Get It Serviced

Different watch makers have different recommendations for a service schedule. The most common recommendation is every 3 to 5 years, though some watch makers say you can go longer than that depending on how often the watch is worn and how it is stored.

Certain circumstances may warrant an unexpected checkup, though. If, for example, your watch suffers any kind of water damage, it’s critical to bring it in for repairs. Even a little moisture can cause enough rust to damage delicate components.

What to Expect From a Typical Service

Depending on your watch’s age, condition, and other factors, your service may include:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the entire movement
  • Treating the escape wheel and pallet jewels
  • Lubricating and regulating the movement
  • Checking for and correcting any positional errors
  • Changing any parts that have worn out (including internal parts, case, bracelet, or crown)
  • Cleaning and polishing the case and bracelet

Working With Professionals

The tiny elements of a great timepiece require the utmost care to ensure the highest level of quality, reliability, and appearance. The right tools and techniques are critical to servicing a watch without leaving any hint that it was, in fact serviced.

Always work with professionals who have been trained to understand the intricacies of a Rolex, or a Panerai or any other high-end watch so everything will go as smoothly as possible and you can rely on your beautiful time piece for years to come.

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