How to Travel with Jewelry and Avoid Tangling

How to Travel with Jewelry and Avoid Tangling

Traveling should be a joy. It should be filled with new opportunities to discover new places and meet new people. It can be a chance to leave the concerns of your everyday life behind and experience something different.

It is a time that should not be wasted trying to untangle a clump of jewelry before going out and hitting the town.

Unfortunately, without proper packing, your favorite necklaces and other accessories can easily get tangled up and cause a lot of frustration. Some necklaces could get tangled so badly that they might be damaged during the surgical process of separation.

On top of that, if they’re not properly protected, they could catch on your clothing and cause some damage, or some of the most treasured pieces could break off, only to be found in the bottom of your suitcase days later. Can you imagine how it would feel to arrive at your destination, only to discover the fine, delicate chain on your favorite pendant has bunched up so tightly it’s unlikely you’ll ever get it undone without some serious jeweler’s tools and a lot of hope?

So, let’s take a look at some simple tips and guidelines for avoiding tangles while traveling.

The Dedicated Travel Jewelry Carrier or Jewelry Roll

There are many jewelry cases on the market that are designed specifically to separate and protect your jewelry while you’re traveling the world. These carriers normally feature zippered pockets, special compartments for earrings and bracelets, and dedicated sections that are designed to stop necklaces from getting tangled.

They are generally compact, lightweight, and easy to pack into your carry-on bag.

A jewelry roll offers many of the same benefits. This solution is soft and simple, and can protect your jewelry and keep those necklaces from tangling up. Simply attach your jewelry to the right connector, roll up everything up, and pack it for your trip.

But, what if you’re in a hurry and don’t have a dedicated jewelry case or roll? What if your decision to bring a favorite accessory was a last-minute thing and you don’t have time to run out and purchase a special case just for this one trip?

DIY Solutions to Protect Your Jewelry as You Travel

Most of us have some items around the house that we can employ to avoid necklace tangles and protect our favorite jewelry pieces as we travel. On your next trip, you might try:

  • The Straw Method: This is particularly useful for thin, chain necklaces. Simply thread the chain through a straw (a reusable one is going to provide more protection than a disposable drinking straw), re-clasp the ends, and you’re set.
  • The Toilet Paper Roll Method: This works the same way as the Straw Method, but it is also useful for chains that are too thick for a straw as well as chain bracelets that may be too short for a straw.
  • The Hanger Method: This is for those necklaces that simply won’t fit anywhere else. Simply wrap them around a hanger and store them in the correct compartment of your luggage.
  • The Pill Box Method: A pill case with several individual compartments is a great, compact way to separate each piece of jewelry to avoid tangles.
  • The Plastic Wrap Method: You can make your own jewelry roll by using some plastic wrap found in your kitchen. Simply use a sheet that allows the ends of the necklaces to extend beyond either side, then roll the necklace up into it.
  • The Sandwich Bag Method: If you’re really in a hurry, you might just want to grab an individual sandwich bag for each piece of jewelry you’re taking with you. It may not look as fancy as a dedicated jewelry case, but it gets the job done.

Traveling with Jewelry

You shouldn’t have to leave your favorite accessories behind when you head out on a trip. You should be able to enjoy every journey in style.

Keep some of these tips in mind as you go, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily unpack your jewelry so you can look your best when you’re ready to hit the town.

And, of course, when you return, this may be the ideal time to re-examine and clean your diamond jewelry.