Diamond Jewelry Cleaning

Six Reasons You Need to Inspect and Clean Your Diamond Jewelry Every Six Months

Jewelry Cleaning Diamond jewelry can, in general, stand up to more wear and tear than many other types of gemstone jewelry. However, each piece will still require some special care and upkeep to ensure they never lose that incredible luster. When wearing engagement rings or other types of jewelry every day, they should be given a regular cleaning at home every few weeks. The regular cleaning will help to keep them shiny and sanitary. Aside from this home cleaning, it is critical that your jewelry receives a PROFESSIONAL cleaning at least every six months for the following reasons:
  1. Diamonds have an affinity for oil, so it often builds up in places that only a professional level of polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, and high-pressure steaming can reach.
  2. Dirty jewelry can harbor bacteria, which could aggravate allergies or irritate the skin.
  3. Dirt buildup could eventually discolor or degrade the metals.
  4. Improper cleaning (harsh chemicals, extended submersion in cleaners, etc.) could damage your jewelry.
  5. It may be required to stay under your warranty. Depending on the jeweler, you may be required to take your diamond jewelry in for inspection and cleaning on a specific schedule.
  6. A professional inspection may find imperfections like loose stones, worn prongs, and other hints that point towards your jewelry needing a little maintenance or reconditioning. This inspection can save your valuable jewelry.
Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to once every six months. You can take your jewelry in for a cleaning as often as you’d like to see it sparkle a little brighter. To learn more about professional diamond jewelry cleaning, call Polacheck’s Jewelers at (818) 225-0600.